Feminine Energy

If you’re like me, then you’ve been feeling really stressed out by the world lately. There are so many horrific news stories and overwhelming topics that make it very clear that our world has a lot of healing to do. I wanted to take this post and focus on the power of feminine energy.

The misconception about feminine energy and feminine power that it’s only for females or feminists. This is far from the truth. Feminine power is derived from feminine energy and both men and women have the ability to tap into this nurturing energy. It’s universal. 

And actually, You’re probably more familiar with feminine and masculine energy than you know. If you’ve ever heard of the yin-yang symbol then you’ve already heard of these dueling forces. Feminine energy is known as the Yin and masculine energy is known as the Yang. Masculine energy is about  assertion, taking on challenges, being goal oriented, being strong and structured. This is the type of energy that actually structures our world today. We have governments, we live in a world of order, and we are in constant competition with other nations, companies, and each other. Masculine energy is absolutely necessary, but today I want to talk about the unsung hero of the energies, the feminine energy.

Feminine energy can be tapped into by anybody. It’s fluid, it’s receptive, and it’s allowing the universe to run its course. It’s nurturing and it’s necessary. This world would be absolutely hostile without the power of feminine energy. If you’re like me, you can easily relate to experiencing both masculine and feminine traits. When I think about myself on the challenge I am absolutely embodying my masculine energy. I’m way more aggressive when I’m competing. SO while i’m filming i usually feel incredibly unbalanced. I’m sure you can relate to this in your life as well. If you’re at your job and trying to finish tasks on time, or even if you’re at home and still trying to accomplish everything on your to do list. If you harness your masculine energy for too long you will easily feel overdrawn and exhausted. Because let’s be real, who wants to be completing tasks and giving all the time. 

A simple way to monitor whether you are using masculine or fleminine energy is by asking yourself am i giving or receiving right now?  Deganit Nuur simply describes it as “Giving is an action of our divine masculine, and receiving is an action of our divine feminine”

When i first read this in the “Goop Lab” article titled “Balancing your Femine and Masculine Energy” It made me wonder if masculine are the givers, because sexually, they actually “give the d” to the woman who then receives it? 

I could be wrong but, to me it makes sense. So when you start to feel like you’re giving too much of yourself  to something or someone, that means it’s time to return to your feminine energy.

How many of you can relate to overextending yourself. How many times have you been on a phone call with a friend were you helped them with their problems instead of spending time on your own? It’s so easy to over give. One of my favorite quotes is “givers need to set boundaries because takers rarely do.” And maybe you don’t mind helping your friend every once in a while but you need to put yourself first sometimes. 

When harnessing your feminine energy you cannot expect anyone else to give you the attention that you’re yearning for. You need to be the person who gives to you. Don’t expect your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or anyone else to bring you the comfort that you need. If you’re unfamiliar with cutting out time for yourself in the day then it’s time you get started because there are consequences if you don’t.

Femine energy comes with dark traits alongside the beautiful ones. When you don’t make space for yourself to harness the divine feminine you can become insecure, passive aggressive, and manipulative. Believe it or not I’ve battled with insecurities my entire life. I might come off extremely confident now, but it really took years of internal work to get here. I used to be the girl that would go through my boyfriend’s phone or see what girls he was following on social media. I used to embody all of those toxic traits until I realized it wasn’t helping me heal. When you start to feel yourself experiencing these emotions it’s time to breathe and return to your power. You need to connect with yourself.

Here are a few ways:

  1. Slow down. You cannot receive from the universe if you are constantly moving in it. Take time to do absolutely nothing. Believe me, I know how hard this can be! I’m a go getter at heart. I love to finish tasks and feel accomplished. It makes me feel successful. But at some point you need to accept that there is only so much that you can do. I realized this the most when I was filming the Challenge. The process of filming the show is so much slower than it seems to the viewer. There is so much down time and all you can really do is overthink the game. Questions like   “What will the next challenge be?” or “Will it be a girls elimination or a guys?” Eventually you’ve thought of every question there is to ask and you just start repeating them. It’s emotionally draining. Stop, pause, and meditate. 
  2. Meditation can seem weird and uncomfortable for anyone who hasn’t tried it before but after practicing it for years it has truly become my safe place. If you’re not comfortable sitting in silence for a period of time throw on a guided meditation! It’s always helpful to listen and receive someone else’s words. Receiving is embodying your feminine energy. 
  3. Another way to hone in on your feminine energy is to stop rationalizing everything. Sometimes shitty things happen for no reason and our lives are fluid just like everything else in the world. Everything that is born eventually dies and we have to accept the cycle of life that is around us.  We have to embrace that there are beginnings that lead to ends and ends that lead beginnings. Release your control and let the world move. You’re not going to be left behind, you are moving with it. There is nothing to be scared of by relinquishing control.
  4. Yoga is all about fluidity and receptiveness. The practice is literally an incubator for harnessing the divine feminine energy. I’ve been practicing yoga for years now and I can’t even begin to express the benefits i’ve received from it. Usually in the beginning of a practice I’ll feel a little irritated because everything is moving so slow. But that’s because I usually do yoga after a long day of work and my mind and body are running on a level 10. By the time the practice is over I feel so calm and open. Listening to an instructor take you on a journey through mind and body is the ultimate form of receiving. You don’t have to overthink, over try, or out perform anyone. It’s just you and your matt. Going to a yoga studio has honestly been one of the things i’ve missed the most since the pandemic has struck. Although, i have learned that it’s just as easy to find a great class on youtube. My favorite time to do yoga is at the end of the day, on my floor in my bedroom, with candles lit and crystals surrounding me. It feels like home. 

When you set aside time for yourself to hone in on your feminine energy then you are in control of it. Like i said before, there is a dark side to feminine energy, and it comes out when you try to suppress your needs. You are allowed to be needy, but you have to give yourself the space to receive.

After you’ve spent some time with yourself it becomes easier to handle and manage the stresses of the world around you. We really do live in a society that calls us to push ourselves to achieve new levels of greatness. Masculine energy is everywhere in our external world. 

Just last week Jordan was eliminated from the Challenge. Before the elimination we saw the competitive, aggressive and goal oriented side of Jordan. He was embracing his masculine energy, as he should have been in that moment. But after his elimination Jordan let us in to the softer side of his feelings. He cried and talked about his pain of overcoming all of the challenges that life has thrown at him because he was born with a disability. In that moment Jordan was in touch with his feminine energy and it was one of his most powerful moments  he’s ever had on tv. He moved the hearts of so many people. No one made fun of him for losing, instead they praised him for his vulnerability. Femine energy is not weak, it’s in tune. It’s a softness that holds a tremendous amount of power. It’s open and it’s understanding. When Jordan opened up he won the hearts of so many people. People were able to see him and connect with him in a way in which they hadn’t before. That’s powerful. 

Masculine energy may win you competitions, titles, or money, but Feminine energy will win in areas that cannot be quantified. Feminine energy will win relationships, connections, and the hearts of so many people. We are not on this planet to race and compete against one another to see who can be the richest human or the person with more followers. We are here to connect, learn, receive, and grow. 

Your only role as a person is to be open and receptive to both energies. We have no control over what other people do with their own lives. But we can lead by example and educate one another. Embrace your masculine side and harness your feminine side. When you find the balance of both you find success.

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  1. Jessica miskey

    Thank you for your pod cast! I listen to them on my deck with my coffee while I stare out into my yard. I enjoy the commentary especially this one. I watched you on MTV challenges and have always been a fan, however I enjoy seeing and listening to this side of you just as much if not more. Thank you for what you are putting into the universe.

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